Allardice’s work begins as soon as your order is confirmed, as such; cancellations are subject to costs for work performed to the point where the order can be concluded.

Any claim for incorrect print, quantity, damaged goods or non-delivery must be made within 14 days of receipt of the goods by the customer.

Where an order placed is determined to be incorrect as a result of Allardice’s production process, Allardice may choose to reprint components of the order affected by print industry specific complications such as ghosting, smudges, ink weight, pagination etc. Where a component of the order or the entire order is re-printed for such industry specific complications, no changes in copy, quality, quantity, or any such detail can be accommodated. Additional costs for reprint will be charged where errors in print arise due to artwork issues created by the customer such as typographical errors, poor image quality, multi page misalignment etc.

Liability for any claim against Allardice is limited, at Allardice’s sole discretion, to;

a) Resupply of the faulty goods, or

b) Repairing the goods or

c) Refunding or crediting any component determined by Allardice to be of no commercial good.

Your liability as the customer in the resupply of print may include additional costs where previous components have been included at sale or discounted prices where those conditions cannot be replicated. Allardice does not accept liability for any third party loss, damage or cost including legal costs whether direct, indirect or consequential, arising from:

(a) the printing or delivery of any of the goods
(b) any failure to print or deliver any goods
(c) late completion, or late delivery of an order
(d) the repossession or sale of any of the goods

For representations or warranties which cannot be excluded by law, Allardice’s liability is limited to those provisions in this policy.